My name is Jason and I’m a recovering alcoholic from Johnstown, PA. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and spreading the word about the dangers of drunk driving became my life’s mission after getting into an accident while drunk.

Knowing the dangers of drunk driving is important. Drunk driving can kill and injure people. Not just the driver or the people in their car but anyone else on the road. I learned about drunk driving the hard way and I never want anyone else to have to go through what I did.

I went to a party with a friend of mine and when it was time to go home I got behind the wheel even when I knew I shouldn’t have. I ended up driving into another car and hurting the people in it. I also had to spend some time in jail.

Every time I think about what I did I want to cry. I hurt other people and I hurt myself. There was no excuse. I want to tell others that getting in a car while being drunk is not worth the risk.

I try to talk to others about drunk driving, especially teenagers. I was 20 when I did what I did but I know teens do struggle with drinking. I hope that the more people I talk with about the dangers of drunk driving, the safer the world will become.


My Ex Loves To Drink And Drive

When I met my ex-girlfriend, she had a recent drunk driving conviction. She swore that she had learned her lesson and this was an isolated incident, but that was far from the truth. Within a few months, there were a couple of occasions when she got behind the wheel after having a beer or two. She says that she was just fine, but I am not sure why this is something that is worth the risk. When you get behind the wheel, you put your own life in danger and that of all the people that you come in contact with.

The sad thing is that taxicabs make it unnecessary for anyone to drink and drive. Even if you have to go back the next day and retrieve your vehicle, that is better than hitting someone and having to go to jail for vehicular manslaughter. I have said this to my ex more times than I can count, but it does not seem like she will ever change. I loved her so much that I would do anything for her, but I refused to stay with her knowing that she thought nothing about being so reckless.